Tuesday, January 4, 2022

2021 "Theatrical" Premieres

Every year I feel as if compiling my favorite theatrical releases is a poor use of my list-making energy, and every year I do it anyway. I'm not even sure what the criterion for inclusion is anymore: I'm using Mike D'Angelo's list of 2021 commercial releases, which includes some streaming releases, as a guide. Anyway, my continually updated list of favorite films by international release date is more fun. Anything that hasn't been distributed (by the same fuzzy criteria) in New York before 2021, and that feels new according to my subjective concept of modernity, is eligible for the below list (note the prominent presence of a 2007 Mia Hansen-Løve film). In approximate order of preference:

1. All Is Forgiven (Mia Hansen-Løve, France)
2. El Planeta (Amalia Ulman, USA/Spain)
3. The Disciple (Chaitanya Tamhane, India)
4. Short Vacation (Kwon Min-pyo & Seo Han-sol, South Korea)
5. Isabella (Matías Piñeiro, Argentina)
6. The Woman Who Ran (Hong Sang-soo, South Korea)
7. France (Bruno Dumont, France)
8. Suzanna Andler (Benoît Jacquot, France)
9. The Year of the Discovery (Luis López Carrasco, Spain)
10. About Endlessness (Roy Andersson, Sweden)
11. The Fever (Maya Da-Rin, Brazil)

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