Monday, August 16, 2021

Frivolous Lists: Mexico

As my movie Fourteen is in its sixth week at the Cineteca Nacional in Mexico City, I thought I'd make a list of my favorite Mexican films, in very approximate order of preference. The first list permits multiple films by the same director:
  1. The Passion According to Berenice (Jaime Hermosillo)
  2. Nazarin (Luis Buñuel) 
  3. Matinée (Jaime Hermosillo)
  4. Silent Light (Carlos Reygadas)
  5. Sangre (Amat Escalante)
  6. Highway Patrolman (Alex Cox)
  7. The Young One (Luis Buñuel)
  8. Japón (Carlos Reygadas)
  9. The Summer of Miss Forbes (Jaime Hermosillo)
  10. Simon of the Desert (Luis Buñuel)
And the second list permits only one film per director. The order of preference here is even more approximate:
  1. The Passion According to Berenice (Jaime Hermosillo)
  2. Nazarin (Luis Buñuel) 
  3. Silent Light (Carlos Reygadas)
  4. Sangre (Amat Escalante)
  5. Highway Patrolman (Alex Cox)
  6. Machete Language (Kyzza Terrazas)
  7. Canoa (Felipe Cazals)
  8. 40 Days (Juan Carlos Martín)
  9. The Chambermaid (Lila Avilés)
  10. Y Tu Mamá También (Alfonso Cuarón)
  11. The Shadow of the Tyrant (Julio Bracho)
  12. Cochochi (Israel Cárdenas and Laura Amelia Guzmán)
  13. Drama/Mex (Gerardo Naranjo)
  14. Artificial Paradises (Yulene Olaizola)


Tom said...

Hi Dan,

I am writing not in reference to this blog post, but rather in connection with a note you posted to the defunct a_film_by Yahoo discussion group about the Stanton Kaye film He Wants Her Back, made for PBS circa 1980. You wrote that you have a tape of it. This was back in 2004, so perhaps you no longer do, but I was hoping you might have converted it to digital form. I very much want to see it, please let me know if there is any way you could help make that possible.

Kind regards,

Tom Schotland

Dan Sallitt said...

Oh wow. Please write me at (my last name) at post dot harvard dot edu.

Dan Sallitt said...

Tom - write me for news on the above topic.