Monday, January 16, 2012

Julia Leigh's Sleeping Beauty

It's left NYC theaters, but Julia Leigh's Sleeping Beauty was one of my favorite films of 2011. Few seemed to agree; my heartfelt defense is published at the MUBI Notebook.


JeanRZEJ said...

'ellipsis is not the same as omission'

Beautiful, yes.

I would counter with your titling, though. Where you say 'A Defense' it seems to me that you are, quite to the contrary, opening the gates wide. You're not fighting to keep what is yours, but offering it up without the threat of retaliation. It's typically only those who bite the hand that feeds (the film, the filmmaker, the actors, the admiring other viewer, whatever is close at mouth) that fight, and they both man the parapets and storm the castle (but never go inside!). That's my feeling on the matter, anyway. Keep not fighting the pointless fight!

Dan Sallitt said...

Thanks for the nice compliment!

JeanRZEJ said...

Thanks for being awesome.