Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Naruse films on French Television

During the life-changing Mikio Naruse retrospective at Film Forum in October-November 2005, I started the Google group NaruseRetro, where a group of regulars compared notes on the series as it unspooled. NaruseRetro has been mostly inactive since then, but Michael Kerpan and I organized the writings as best we could for easy access by film title, and over the years I continue to post all my Naruse-related thoughts there.

In 2008, the French cable network Ciné Cinéma Classic screened a number of previously rare Naruse films, with French subtitles newly created for the occasion. Copies of four of the films are floating around the cinephile community, and I can read French subtitles well enough. I've posted short reviews of Whistling in Kotan (1959), Evening Stream (1960), As a Wife, As a Woman (aka The Other Woman) (1961), and A Woman's Story (1963) at NaruseRetro.

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