Monday, September 24, 2007

Frivolous Lists: TIFF 2007

Vadim Rizov asked me to do a wrapup post for this year's Toronto International Film Festival. I'm actually going to write about the fest for Senses of Cinema, so I don't want to spill my seed on the ground by blogging about it. But here's a list of my favorite films at TIFF 2007.
  1. Bruce McDonald's The Tracey Fragments. Someday I will blog on this.
  2. Hur Jin-Ho's Happiness.
  3. Jacques Nolot's Avant que j'oublie.
  4. Andrei Zyvyagintsev's The Banishment.
  5. Sandra Kogut's Mutum.
  6. Francis Mankiewicz's Les Bons debarras. This is a 1980 film, which I hadn't seen since it got a US release back in the day. Anyone know about the rest of Mankiewicz's career? I doubt very much it's an accident. Marie Tifo and Charlotte Laurier are both amazing.
  7. Carlos Reygadas's Silent Light.
  8. Nanouk Leopold's Wolfsbergen.
  9. Ben Hackworth's Corroboree.
  10. Cristian Nemescu's California Dreamin' (Endless). This list naturally wants to stop at nine, but I'll observe tradition.

I'm saving some juicy prospects for NYFF (Une vieille maîtresse, Secret Sunshine, In the City of Sylvia, Useless, La Fille coupée en deux) or for their theatrical releases (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, I'm Not There).

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